Moran & Partners

Location: 30 Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9

Owner: Paddy Moran

Telephone: 087 4174848



Accountant in Drumcondra: Moran & Partners’ expertise is in understanding clients’ businesses and assisting them to improve by delivering on their expectations. We can ensure that timely decisions are made at any stage of the business cycle, both in times of growth and expansion as well as in times of difficulty.

Our approach is simple but effective: First, we listen carefully so that we understand your challenges and opportunities. Then, we plan and deliver the mix of professional services that you need, to take action in your business. We operate simply and effectively to suit your needs. Meetings held outside of business hours are normal. We pride ourselves in providing timely responses to emails and phone calls. In order to ensure that you always benefit from our best advice, we ensure that a Senior Partner directs every client engagement.

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