GS Medical Supplies

Location: Suite 6, Block 5.1 Woodford Court, Woodford Business Park, Dublin 9

Owner: Bill Green

Telephone: 087 2808222



GS Medical Ltd is an ISO accredited supplier of medical products and equipment to all care centres. Our product range includes: sterile dressings, swabs, disinfectants, orthopaedics, endoscopy, CSSD and theatre supplies. The business has developed well and has expanded successfully from our initial start-up supplying wound care products, to a multi-million euro business which now also includes leading positions in the endoscopy and disinfection markets. We have successfully conducted business within all areas of the HSE, Maternity Hospitals, Private Hospitals, and Northern Ireland Trusts, and have a wide-reaching customer base covering all geographic regions of the country both in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. Our dedicated sales and customer service teams are fully committed to ensuring the timely and successful delivery to customers of a high quality service which meets their requirements in every way.

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